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James J.

“Amazing Service! Since I've been with these guys my score rose from 493 to 636 in just a couple months, totally worth the investment.

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Brittney G.

I have no credit, so I love the available options for building credit quickly!

Norman Z.

"I was really skeptical about a 'credit repair company', but this one is legit. Highly rated, and no complaints. Price is totally reasonable, no long-term commitment. Bankruptcy erased from my report in just a couple days, and my score shot up!

To build back your credit, you must understand it. Our experts help break down and simplify the items on your report, and formulate a plan to get it in top shape!

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Our Mission

Pikes Peak connects individuals with credit repair Colorado experts committed to helping people improve the quality of their life by strengthening their credit scores. Because every situation is different, our mission is to find the perfect, customized strategy just for you. A strong credit report gives you more leverage in countless areas of your life. Just call (719) 602-7462 to speak with a credit professional, or click here to get started online.

Credit Repair For YOUR Unique Situation

Credit Monitoring

Financial Planning

Credit Reporting

To take control of your credit, you must first understand it. We keep you up to date with  potential changes in your credit score and ensure that you’re always one step ahead.

Inaccurate reports can tank your credit score. We ensure that every item affecting your score gets reported accurately, and proactively take steps to keep your report clean and up to date.

Better credit helps you make better decisions now AND for the future. Once your financial foundation is stronger, keep the momentum going with options to grow your wealth.

Sometimes, the process is smooth. Sometimes, it requires a bot more legwork. Fortunately, our Credit Repair Denver professionals are ready and willing to take things up a notch if needed.

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Our team will take care of filing the paperwork to get any inaccurate, outdated, or other relevant negative items knocked off your credit report, so you can start planning for the future.