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Credit Repair Myths

Credit repair companies can wipe out all negative items from your report.

While many negative or derogatory items can be removed from your credit report, certain items  will stay on your report for up to 7 years. If a company guarantees they can remove all negative and derogatory items, consider this a red flag and quickly find another provider.

Closing a delinquent account will help your credit score.

After paying off a delinquent account, closing it may have an impact on your credit score. However, a large portion of your score is determined by your payment history. Closing an account that is not fully paid off is unlikely to increase your score, and may have a negative impact.

Opening multiple credit lines improves your credit score.

If several lines of credit tempt you to spend more, this strategy could backfire. It’s true that one way to help improve your credit score is by having small balances on multiple lines and paying off each in full every month. However, before you adopt this strategy, make sure you have the requisite funds in order to make these payments on time each month.

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“They are constantly working to improve my credit score! My credit jumped by 40 points in the first 6 months...staff are polite, friendly, and very helpful. It feels like they actually care about me, and it's well worth the cost!"

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"So awesome! Helped me raised my credit score by 85 points in 4 worth the money!"

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"They're doing an outstanding job of fixing my credit! My credit score has improved drastically since we started working together. Highly recommended to anyone needing credit repair help!"

It will take a long time to improve your credit score.

Overhauling your credit won’t happen overnight, but you can start moving the needle almost immediately. Credit bureaus update your credit report every 30 days. Making small changes on a monthly basis can improve your credit score quickly, although - depending on your current credit health - you should allocate at least a year to see substantial improvement.

Pre-payments will improve your credit score.

Surprisingly, early payments on loans are more likely to have no effect at all on your score. Showing a consistent record of on-time payments for loans like a mortgage, car loan, and student debt will have a greater effect on your score than paying off these obligations early.

Bankruptcy can clean your credit report.

No. Please think long and hard and consult a professional before declaring bankruptcy. Depending on which type of bankruptcy you declare (yes, there are multiple), this action could impair your credit score for up to 10 years. Additionally, while you may relieve some debt obligations, the items are unlikely to be scrubbed from your report.

Good Credit? We Can Help

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Need funds to start your business?

Pikes Peak is the credit repair Colorado business owners need if they need funding for their new business venture.

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Ready to stop renting and buy your own home?

An increase in your credit score of just 20 points could drop your monthly mortgage payments by hundreds of dollars a month, and save you tens of thousands over the entire loan period.

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Time to make that dream car a reality?

When it comes to auto loans, a little means a lot. Turning your “good” credit score into a “great” one can mean the difference between 5-8% interest, and ZERO interest on your new car.

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We understand that your situation is unique to you. Our experts will prepare the perfect plan based on YOUR circumstances.

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Improve Your Credit Score, Improve Your Life

Save money on interest

Buy a new house

Get better insurance rates

Easier access to capital, no matter your goals

Avoid debt collector harassment

Start and fund a new business

Create A Better Financial Future

Bad credit isn’t a life sentence. The past is the past, but the future is yours to unlock. We’re here to help you repair your credit and regain control of your life. Whether you wish to qualify for a mortgage, get better terms on a car loan, or simply get your first credit card, prioritizing your credit is a big first step. 

Nothing on your credit report can’t be overcome with persistence and a proven system. Bankruptcies, collections, judgements, unauthorized accounts, and outdated entries can all be taken care of. 

With professional help, Pikes Peak Credit Repair can help you repair your credit quickly and build your score back to where it belongs. Don’t go it alone when you have access to affordable guidance from industry experts.

Tap into the credit repair Colorado Springs residents trust to help meet their needs. Get started here, or call (719) 602-7462 to speak to a credit repair specialist. Our team works with you to find the perfect package for your unique situation. The result? A stronger financial foundation, giving you more leverage with lenders, creditors, and financial institutions.